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There is a bit of a frenzy that is taking over the foodie conversations, the secret spots you take your loved ones for a fab meal as well as the mortar and pestle sorts of restaurants that many young chefs dream of calling their own…Food trucks. These meals on wheels establishment were once thought of as inexpensive but mediocre and sometimes risky food choices. Well the times have changed and so have the trucks. The trucks now serve food that is the freshest of the fresh, incredibly innovative menus, fully stainless steel dream kitchens and some are even owned by celebrity chefs who are expanding their brands. Many of these trucks are located in cities and open for lunch and late night after the bars close to cure the munchies of their customers. They are expanding however to more rural areas and one in particular that may interest you is called the Porch and located in Chesterfield, NH in the Industrial park. 

In September Hardy-Foard Catering opened up a local food truck called “The Porch” in the Stow Road Industrial Park in West Chesterfield, on the Foard Panel lot. 3.5 miles East towards Keene. 


Bo Foard with the help of local builder Nathan Rupard, outfitted an 18′ semi-flatbed from scratch, transforming it into a Timber-frame look-alike, custom built little house on wheels. The kitchen is fully stainless, a little window to great you and a little Porch for you to comfortably wait for your meal. At the helm of the stove is Gretchen Hardy, Culinary Institute of America-trained chef hailing from right here in Chesterfield NH. Her focus is on local ingredients and innovative approaches to standard Truck Stop Fare. The menu is simple comfort food switched up a bit. For an example the most popular item on the menu is a simple egg and cheese sandwich; what sets this one apart from the rest is the really flavorful crusty whole grain bread made in Brattleboro with caramelized onions, melted sharp cheddar cheese and crispy bacon. The menu is kept small in order to provide the best possible product it does however change often, sometimes weakly based on the season...


It all started on a trailer....

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