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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never hosted a wedding or large event,

the process can be daunting, so these are all normal

questions that we are happy to answer!


01. How does the process of working with Hardy Foard get started?


The first step is to fill out the new Client Form on the website Then, we like to meet with you, e-mail back and forth or have a phone conversation to come up with a rough menu that you really like and meets your dietary requests, budget, vision for the day and season. 



02. How soon ahead of time should we contact you to book catering for an event or wedding?

It is very important to book your date as soon as you can and don’t put it off until months before your wedding. Clients typically book caterers 6 to 12 months before the date. We already have weddings scheduled for two summers from now! However, we have also been able to meet the needs of clients who have booked a caterer as early as 2-3 weeks before the date. As long as we are available, we are happy to cater for your special day, even if it is a little late:) 


03. Do you cater for other events besides weddings?

Yes, we provide special menus for corporate events, holiday parties, graduations, funerals, and drop off lunches, really anything you can think of! 


04. What is the contact’s role and how will they be involved during our event?

Our Owner/ Executive Chef Gretchen Hardy will guide you through the entire process  from when you book your event, to the actual date of your event. Together you will build a specific and unique menu, schedule a tasting, and adjust your proposal up to 2 weeks before your event. At that point the final proposal is set in stone and Gretchen will convey all the details with the lead server, delivering crew, and chef to ensure a perfect day! 


05.  Does Hardy Foard host tastings?

After that first menu is created we hold a complimentary tasting at our cafe with you, your fiance and up to 4 more members. At the tasting we will discuss any changes that need to be made to the menu and discuss any other details for the day as a whole.   We believe it is an important step when choosing a caterer.  We will then take the notes from our tasting and write up the contract and you would review it, fill it out and then send it back to us signed with a 50% of the total deposit. (We can work with you to develop a payment plan as well).



06. How are the food costs determined? Is it itemized pricing or is there an all-inclusive flat rate?

The food cost is based on a “per person price” with the side accompaniments to the meal, coffee table if needed (freshly brewed all night), servers and lead server, chefs, set-up and break-down all listed below the food cost in the proposal. We also finish and display our food on site so it is the freshest it can be with a stellar presentation. Everything is cooked from scratch right in our kitchen!


07. What is Hardy Foard's average price range?

A simple buffet diner with one protein and several sides starts at roughly $18 per person and varies from there. The average wedding menu with stationary and passed appetizers a  full buffet and coffee is roughly $35 per person, plus labor and taxes.


08. What will Hardy Foard provide in addition to the meal? 

We do all of the set up of the table settings, buffet, write a chalkboard menu, clean up, cooking and serving of the food. 


09. What renting services do you provide?

We don't currently have any china service items or tables settings to rent. We can provide disposable Eco-friendly bamboo dishes, utensils and corn cups for $1.50 per person. These are a very fun and cost effective way to provide dishware for your guests. 


10. Does Hardy Foard handle all table settings?

We take care of the table set-up and are happy to help with lighting candles, menu cards and favors. We are not a licensed bar service so we can not set-up, clean up or restock the bar.

11. How many servers will be at my wedding? 

Depending how extensive the menu is, we use an average of 8 staff members for a wedding of 125.



12. What will the waitstaff wear?

The entire team will be neatly dressed in black pants or skirts, and a black button down or blouse.


13. Will Hardy Foard be willing to include a recipe we provide, like a special family dish, or an appetizer with some sort of sentimental significance?

Yes, we have the ability to accommodate almost any type of cuisine or recipe. We may outsource certain items that we are not familiar with. For example we had an Indian wedding that wanted Tandoori Masala and to ensure that we had it exactly as our clients envisioned we purchased the marinade sauce from a reputable Indian restaurant. If we have a request for a family recipe we will test it several time to make sure it’s perfect for the big day.


14. Can Hardy Foard prepare vegetarian, kosher, kids, or Halal meals for just a few of our guests?

We include gluten free and vegetarian options in all of our menus. We can purchase Halal chicken and cook kosher meals, however our kitchen is not certified kosher.  We are happy to cook a special meal for the kiddos :)


15. Where will the food be prepared?

Hardy Foard  has a certified commercial kitchen where everything is prepared.  When we arrive at the event with all of the prepared food, we will heat and do any final preparations on site. We usually use the kitchen at the venue for this step. Sometimes the client rents a grill or oven for an outside wedding that does not have a kitchen. 


16. Where does Hardy Foard get their food?

The majority of our products are locally grown, and none of the protein is injected with hormones. 

Here is a short list of just a few of our providers:

Vermont Country Deli Bread - Brattleboro 

Side Hill Farm - Brattleboro 

Circle Mountain Farm - Guilford 

New Dawn Farm - Westmoreland 

Grafton Cheddar - Brattleboro 

Quarry Farm- Putney 

Black River Produce- Springfield 

Bunker Farm- Dummerston 


16. Does Hardy Foard have a license?

Yes, our business has met health department standards and has liability insurance. The kitchen is inspected every year by the health department to make sure food is properly handled and stored. We have a certified food manager at all times. Our executive Chef is certified and registered through the state, specializing in food safety and sanitation.


17. What are some of your favorite menu items and top suggestions for a wedding meal? 


Red Wine Braised Beef Spoon with garlic mashed potatoes, chive oil and crispy carrot strands 


Chicken Provençal with spinach, artichokes and olives in a sun dried tomato cream sauce 


Indian-spiced Roasted Baby Carrots with cumin lime yogurt sauce and micro greens 


Goat cheese stuffed dates with bacon and basil 


Apricot Ale Glazed shrimp with chimi churri sauce 


18. How much is the deposit and when is the final balance due? 

50 percent of the total for the deposit (we are happy to work with payment plans) and the final amount and head count is due 2 weeks before your special day. 

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